Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Hobgoblin Boots, a new comic fantasy novelette by Tansy Rayner Roberts, set in the Mocklore Empire, has just been published as a chapbook by Scrybe Press.

"Bounty Fenetre leaves home to Seek Her Fortune, to turn her favourite boy into a swashbuckling hero and to acquire some midriff-revealing chainmail lingerie. Along the way, she faces deadly dangers such as homicidal exotic dancers, hysterical princesses, and the threat of true love..."

Hobgoblin Boot is (or will be shortly) available at Kayleighbug.com, ScrybePress.com, Shocklines.com, ProjectPulp.com, Lisa's Lair (link is long but is listed on Scrybe's retailer page), Amazon.com, Alibris.com, Barnes & Noble (online), Half.com, eBay, Abebooks.com (and abebooks.au), BiblioOz and a few others.

The ebook version will follow in the next few weeks, and will be available from many of the above vendors, as well as Fictionwise.

If any Australian booksellers are interested in stocking Hobgoblin Boots, please contact Nathan Barker, owner/editor of Scrybe Press and Kayleighbug Books, at editor@scrybepress.com.

Further Mocklore tales will follow in the next few months, including the further adventures of Bounty Fenetre, the many faces of Delta Void, and the piratical antics of Amberline, the accidental pirate queen.