Wednesday, April 30, 2003

It's a week since I got home from Swancon, so I should probably get around to talking about it! The convention was fantastic, not quite the best ever (ConVergence last year v. hard to top) but pretty damn brilliant all the same. Got to catch up with lots of old friends and meet new ones (plus meet previously e-only friends which is always good). The fabulousness of the con was entirely despite the shocking programming however, about which the least said the better. I know I shouldn't be throwing stones (especially since I'm down to programme Thylacon 2005 along with my honey) but I really wasn't the only one who noticed. It became a bit of a conversation opener throughout the weekend. "Terrible programme, isn't it?" "Yeah. Great con though." "Yeah."

Otherwise the convention committee did really well. The function rooms were really well set up (although I never did find the video room) and there were always friendly committee members around to help with problem. Even the awards ceremony was reasonably smooth -- and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine actually won a Ditmar for our launch last year, which is fantastic. We couldn't put on a similiarly award-winning event this year, unfortunately, because the launch space we were allocated was up against Raw Cordial, possibly the most cult-worthy Perth institution of all time (did I mention the shocking programming?). Needless to say, we went for low key which turned out to be sensible since we out numbered our audience two to one (and there were only six of us out front) at most times.

This is the longest con I've ever attended -- I've only done one Swancon/Easter con before and I didn't stay in the hotel, missed the opening ceremony etc. This time I was there from Thursday morning to Tuesday morning and it was starting to feel like we all lived in this little world called Con Village! You got so used to being able to lean against a wall and have someone interesting to talk to come by every five minutes. I did give up on panels after the second or third day, since the talking to interesting people was far more fun. I got strangely addicted to the auction (which is not funny after the third hour!) and to the Natcon business meeting (ditto third hour) and spent the whole time with my eyes and ears open, plotting what we would and wouldn't do for Thylacon 2005.

Incidentally, we won the bid for Thylacon! Everyone gets to come to Tasmania in 2005 for the Natcon. More later.