Sunday, January 12, 2003

Have't updated for ages, mainly because I've been busy writing! 30,000 words in December (that's what happens when you get up early) and I finished Draklight (Mocklore #3) on New Years's Day -- now I'm busily tearing it up into pieces and rewriting/editing it all, then putting it back together in time to send off for the RoR workshop in April.

And I've been reading, of course: my Dad brilliantly bought me the Stephanie Plum Christmas novella, which was very brave of him since I almost bought it for myself about twelve times. At the moment I'm halfway through the 1999 edition of Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (Windling & Datlow). Also, of course, the new issues of Potato Monkey & Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, both of which are brilliant quite apart from the fact that I have a story in each.

To be honest, though, the main piece of fantasy holding my attention this week is the Discworld Noir Playstation game. Brilliant! Very dark and very funny (although more dark than funny) and beautifully designed. I've only got it for a week so I'm tearing through it. It's one of those games that you can happily play in the room with someone else because for the person not playing, it's like watching a Discworld movie (well, a loooong one).

But I am working really hard on the novel, honest!